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It’s Deeper Than Music
Completed Phase III of the It’s Deeper Than Music Workshop series, hosted virtually. ANSMA contracted the help of Shawn Downey. Together, organized and hosted 6 sessions. Guest hosts included Myself, Chris Iannetti, Jamie Sparks, Craig Mercer, Reeny Smith, Ryan Somers, Vanassa Symonds, Keke Beatz, Gary Beals, JRDN, and Cyndi Cain.

Total attendance of 143 through the 6 sessions. 23 viewers per session on average.

ANSMA Lift Every Voice Virtual Showcase
Due to pandemic restrictions, our annual LEV at the Halifax Public Library was presented virtually from the Black Cultural Centre. Showcase featured Thaydra Gray, Shane Colley, Mahalia Smith, Jah’Mila, and Vanassa ‘Asia’ Symonds. Artists were backed by a house band (Silvio Pupo, Chris Iannetti, JR Smith, Shawn Downey, and Esther Medley-Smith. Coordinated and Directed by Owen O’Sound Lee.

Annual ANSMA Awards
Our Annual Awards Ceremony was pre recorded at the Alderney Landing Theatre, and presented virtually via Eastlink Television. Performers this year included Shane Colley, Owen O’Sound Lee, Vanassa ‘Asia’ Symonds, and Cyndi Cain. Artists were backed by a live band and background vocalists, Silvio Pupo, JR Smith, Chris Iannetti, Shawn Downey, Esther Medley-Smith, and LaToya Downey-Saunders. Coordinated and directed by Owen O’Sound Lee.

Annual ECMAs (May-June 2021)
The annual ECMAs were set to be presented live in May, but due to covid lockdown restrictions, was postponed until June 2021. Black Vibes Showcase to be presented virtual live on June 11th, featuring Jah’Mila, Zamani, and Owen O’Sound Lee. Participated in a Panel Discussion on behalf of ANSMA; Breaking Down Racial Barriers in the East Coast Music Industry. 

Panel Discussion also featured Reeny Smith, Corey Writes, Cazhmere, & Delvina Bernard. Hosted by David ‘Click’ Cox and Ian Andre Espinet.

JCANNS Caribbean Diaspora Celebration
The annual JCANNS Emancipation festival was presented virtually this year, and solicited the help of ANSMA in Partnership with BCCNS to deliver the performance segment, and audio/visual mix. Performers included: Owen O’Sound Lee, Jah’Mila, Topkat, and the Bernard-Millar family. Jamaican folk poetry was provided by Shernette Smith.

Journey Back to Birchtown
Cynthia Dorrington of the Black Loyalist Museum contracted ANSMA to deliver 3 virtual showcases displaying Gospel, Jazz, and R&B/Soul for a series called the Journey Back to Birchtown. ANSMA partnered with Russell Grosse and BCCNS (Video) Shawn Downey and Sharp 5 Productions (Audio) and the Alderney Landing Theatre to host the virtual recording.

Performers included Rielle Williams, Esther Medley-Smith, Owen O’Sound Lee, The Sanctified Brothers, Shane Colley, Ced & Marty, STiCK & SLiDE, LaToya Downey-Saunders, Zamani, Amariah, and Jah’Mila. Musicians included Silvio Pupo, Joseph Lamptey, Shawn Downey, Chris Iannetti, Ross Billard, Job Brumaire, Harvi Millar, and Jamie Gatti. Our hosts included Andrea Anderson, Delvina Bernard, and Juanita Peters.

Dartmouth Summer Sunshine Series
In partnership with Andrew Cox and Alderney Landing, ANSMA curated 6 showcases that were held on various weekends and holidays throughout the month of August into September. This showcase was held at Ferry Terminal Park just outside of The Alderney Landing. Performing Artists included the ANSMA Praise Team, The Sanctified Brothers, Reeny Smith, Lance Sampson of AquaKultre, Jah’Mila, Cyndi Cain, Natural Talent, Jody Upshaw, Advocates of the Truth, Zamani, The Carson Downey Band, and Keonté Beals.

Horizon Events:
Nova Scotia Music Week in November. We’ve booked Lyris Daye, Dada Boi Kinz, and aRENYE to perform for the Black Vibez Showcase. In the beginning stages of planning Phase IV of It’s Deeper Than Music. In the beginning stages of planning a collective initiatives program with BAR Institute, NSCC, and Music Nova Scotia. Contracted Donny Milwakee to host phase IV of our It’s Deeper Than Music workshop series.