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Louis Gannon Jr. – Board Chair & President

Mr. Gannon is the leading force behind the African Nova Scotian Music Assoication (ANSMA). Involved in the music industry for decades, he has a strong passion to promote and enhance the amazing talent in the African Nova Scotian community.

ANSMA is operated with a core staff of Office Manager: Judy Sparks and Program Coordinator: Owen Lee along with annual summer interns and a host of community volunteers and partners. The organization is guided an operated under the direction of a board of directors made up of music professionals and those dedicated to African Nova Scotian Music.

Board of Directors

Lou Gannon – President
Terry Dixon – Vice President
Nyallay Tommy – Youth Member
Esther Medley-Smith – Board Member
Shawn Downey – Board Member
Juanita Peters – Board Member
Janice Grant – Board Member
Julien Matwawana – Board Member
Ken Hudson – Board Member
Nathan Symonds – Board Member
Patricia Skinner (Bette) – Board Member
Vanessa Symonds – Board Member
Keonte’ Beals –  Board Member
Sharifa Upshaw-  Board Member
Dan O’Brian – Board Advisor
Delvina Bernard – Board Advisor